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    Sunrise over Vallejo and Mt. Diablo as viewed from Cullinan Ranch
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    American Avocets feed in shallow tidal waters
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    Recently restored tidal marsh in the San Francisco Bay
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    Sandpipers take flight in a tidal lagoon
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    A quiet slough in the Napa Sonoma Marsh
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    Tidal marsh transitions to open water in the San Pablo Bay NWR



8/4/14 - Geofoam is being utilized underneath the slopes of the embankment to prevent future settlement of the roadway...

7/28/14 - The contractor has mobilized on site and will begin stripping the highway embankment of existing vegetation and cleaning the ditch at the toe...

Traffic Alerts

A planned shoulder closure on Westbound 37...

Nightime stoppage of traffic will be required for placement of K-rail...


Phase II Construction

Construction of Phase II of the Cullinan Ranch Restoration Project began in August, 2012 and was completed in January, 2013. Objectives of this phase are to complete the construction of the highway protection levee, improve the levee forming the western boundary of the site, and install public access infrastructure at the Pond 1 Parking Lot. At the parking lot there will be a USFWS Kiosk with a viewing area, interpretive panels and benches as well as a 1.5 mile trail out to another viewing area on South Slough. In addition, a state of the art, universally accessible fishing pier and kayak launching facility will be constructed a short distance from the parking lot.

  • An excavator clears the brush along Pond 1 levee
  • The view backward from the cab of a scraper
  • A dozer harvests material to raise the Pond 1 levee
  • A scraper in front of the Napa River Bridge on Highway 37
  • Fisheye view of the blade of a dozer
  • A Cat 623 scraper
  • A dozer and compacter work to finish the setback levee
  • A dozer grades the side of the setback levee
  • A technician tests for compaction on the setback levee