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    Sunrise over Vallejo and Mt. Diablo as viewed from Cullinan Ranch
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    American Avocets feed in shallow tidal waters
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    Recently restored tidal marsh in the San Francisco Bay
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    Sandpipers take flight in a tidal lagoon
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    A quiet slough in the Napa Sonoma Marsh
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    Tidal marsh transitions to open water in the San Pablo Bay NWR



8/4/14 - Geofoam is being utilized underneath the slopes of the embankment to prevent future settlement of the roadway...

7/28/14 - The contractor has mobilized on site and will begin stripping the highway embankment of existing vegetation and cleaning the ditch at the toe...

Traffic Alerts

A planned shoulder closure on Westbound 37...

Nightime stoppage of traffic will be required for placement of K-rail...


Phase I Construction

Construction broke ground in September 2011 after nearly 20 years of planning and design. The main objective in the first phase of construction was the intial construction of the levee to protect the low portion of Highway 37. Because of the depth of bay mud underneath the levee, construction will require at least two years to build to it's design height to prevent potential failure. Over 160,000 CY of material was excavated onsite and placed along the levee alignment. The final levee will be constructed out of this material in Phase II.

Construction for Phase I was completed in December 2011.

  • An excavator operator loads a tracked haul truck
  • Mare Island Causeway is visible in the background behind equipment working on the levee
  • An excavator loads a tracked truck
  • Tracked trucks haul material to the levee site
  • A bull dozer shapes material for Phase I construction of the levee
  • Because of the soft soils onsite, the contractor used low ground pressure tracked trucks to haul material
  • The excavator continuously loaded trucks who hauled the material to the levee
  • A tracked truck unloads at the levee
  • Completed Phase I Levee from a low aerial photograph. Traffic on Hwy 37 is clearly visible in the background