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    Sunrise over Vallejo and Mt. Diablo as viewed from Cullinan Ranch
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    American Avocets feed in shallow tidal waters
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    Recently restored tidal marsh in the San Francisco Bay
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    Sandpipers take flight in a tidal lagoon
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    A quiet slough in the Napa Sonoma Marsh
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    Tidal marsh transitions to open water in the San Pablo Bay NWR



7/14/14 - Dredge material from the Mare Island dry docks is being placed inside Cullinan Ranch...

7/10/14 - Phase III construction has been awarded and the contractor will be mobilizing on site by early August...

Traffic Alerts

A planned shoulder closure on Westbound 37...

Nightime stoppage of traffic will be required for placement of K-rail...


Project Goals

The goals of the Cullinan Ranch Restoration Project are to:

  • Restore tidal influence to Cullinan Ranch allowing restoration of mature tidal marsh.
  • Provide a key public access point for the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Contribute to the increased provision of suitable habitat to support the endangered species in the larger San Francisco Bay ecosystem.
  • Increase visitation to the Refuge by providing an access point for people to learn about and enjoy the marsh.
  • Maintain equal level of protection to the Highway 37 embankment.

  • A slough forks as it winds its way through a mature tidal marsh
  • San Pablo Bay is one of the most important wintering grounds for Canvasback (photo credit: USFWS)