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    Sunrise over Vallejo and Mt. Diablo as viewed from Cullinan Ranch
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    American Avocets feed in shallow tidal waters
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    Recently restored tidal marsh in the San Francisco Bay
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    Sandpipers take flight in a tidal lagoon
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    A quiet slough in the Napa Sonoma Marsh
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    Tidal marsh transitions to open water in the San Pablo Bay NWR



12/5/14 - Cullinan Ranch will be re introduced to tidal water for the first time in over 100 years. The event will take place on January 6, 2015. Water will be visible along the highway almost immediately...

11/24/14 - Phase III construction is nearing completion with all the internal site improvements complete. Some minor work on the accleration / deceleration lane remains. Phase IV which includes levee breaching and levee lowering is initiated and will continue until the end of January, 2015 ...

Traffic Alerts

No major traffic delays are anticipated at this time ...


Project Goals

The goals of the Cullinan Ranch Restoration Project are to:

  • Restore tidal influence to Cullinan Ranch allowing restoration of mature tidal marsh.
  • Provide a key public access point for the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Contribute to the increased provision of suitable habitat to support the endangered species in the larger San Francisco Bay ecosystem.
  • Increase visitation to the Refuge by providing an access point for people to learn about and enjoy the marsh.
  • Maintain equal level of protection to the Highway 37 embankment.

  • A slough forks as it winds its way through a mature tidal marsh
  • San Pablo Bay is one of the most important wintering grounds for Canvasback (photo credit: USFWS)